Research Centers, Facilities, and Resources

Research Centers and Facilities

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

WID’s expertise in data science spans several disciplines, with the goal of developing end-to-end strategies for data collection, analysis, management, privacy, security, and decision-making. WID houses the Data Science Hub.

Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology

WCNT consists of the Nanoscale Fabrication Center (NFC), the Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center (NIAC) and the Soft Materials Characterization Laboratory (SMCL).

Grainger Institute for Engineering

GIE provides funding, comprehensive support and a collaborative space for engineering faculty to nurture research ideas that show promise as large-scale, extramurally funded activities in critical impact areas.

Center for High Throughput Computing

CHTC supports a variety scalable computing resources and services for researchers and their collaborators, including high-throughput computing and tightly-couple computations, high-memory, and GPUs.

Wisconsin Applied Computing Center

WACC is a center whose mission is that of facilitating access to advanced computing resources to meet research and educational needs of its members.

Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

WEMPEC is a team of professors, staff, graduate students, and international scholars who work together to research and develop the newest technologies and techniques in electric machines.


Systems, Information, Learning and Optimization (SILO) research group aims to build a community of mathematically-minded researchers interested in computational and mathematical sciences.

Research Resources for Graduate Students

Graduate Student Fellowships

Apply for UW-Madison sponsored and external fellowships.

Graduate Student Research Grants

The Graduate School supports your research travels and conference presentation travels.